Below is a list of all available business opportunities on the project. Open opportunities are highlighted in blue. This list is frequently updated throughout the week.



Air Compressor

Boring, Horizontal

Bridge Elastomeric Bearings

Bridge Expansion Joints

Bridge Miscellaneous Metals


Casing Pipe/Split Casings and Spacers

Cathodic Protection

CIP Balanced Cantilever

CIP Tunnel Liner Forms

Clearing and Grubbing

Concrete Barrier Slip Forming

Concrete Form Material

Concrete Plumbing

Concrete Ready Mix and Grout

Concrete Ties & Fasteners

Corrugated Metal Pipe

Demolition Work

Diamond Grinding & Deck Grooving

Directional Drilling

Drilled Shafts


Ductile Iron Pipe, Fittings and Valves

Erosion Control

Field Weld Kits

Furnish and Haul Aggregate

Furnish and/or Erection of Precast Segmental Segments

Geotextile Fabric, Geogrid, and Flexible Drainage Pipe

Grade Crossing Panels

Ground Improvement

Ground Instrumentation and Monitoring for Tunnels

Guard Rail



Hazardous Material Disposal

Landscaping, Grassing/Seeding & EC

Lattice Girders

Leasing, vehicle, equipment, cranes

Maintenance Of Traffic Materials

MSE Wall Material

Noise Wall Material

OH Utilities – Electric


Painting Structural Steel Painting, and Concrete Staining

Pedestrian Structural Bridge

Pipe, Fiberglass

Polyurethane Gas Pipe

Pre and Post Construction Survey

PVC Pipe and Fittings

Radio Two-Way

Rebar Installation

Rebar Material & Welded Wire Fabric

Reinforced Concrete Pipe


Signs and Traffic Signs

SIP Metal Deck


Steel Fibers for Tunnel Concrete

Steel Gas Pipe

Steel Water Carrier Pipe

Superstructure Erection at Bridges

Traffic Control/Barriers

Waste Disposal

Waterproofing Materials